Day 37

After 2.5 days at home I’m now starting the second and real leg of my travels! Backpack and a return flight to the UK in February 2015! Sitting at Heathrow waiting for my flight to Nairobi.



Day 30

Last day in Russia. Morning run lasted an hour and a half because I got a bit lost! Never been so glad to see my hotel in all my life. A long drive day. Staying over at Velikiye Luki in Russia before driving to Riga in Latvia tomorrow. Had a walk before dinner along the river to see the town. Spent my last rubels on some souvenirs.


Day 28

Up early for a walk before breakfast then we had a driving tour of the main sights of Moscow. Tried out the hotel gym which was full of body builders! Slightly intimidating Russian fitness freaks. In the evening we saw the ballet: Giselle. Phenomenal performance.